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Hearing what people really liked (or even disliked) at our shows makes us better. It allows us to step out of our shoes for a moment and really think like our customers.  We listen to this feedback and act on it to make each successive show we do that much better.

Sometimes when our customers take the time to write their comments down we like to share them so you can hear first hand what folks think of working with us.

Here’s a note we received a little while back that we’d like to share;

Love going to see the Pigs..have seen them at New Years Eve, retirement functions, anniversary celebrations and industry events, in varying sizes from 100 to 1500. Always very well equipped w sound, lights, and smoke show. Like the stage props and occasional costumes that suit the music. Really enjoy how they can tailor the lyrics of a few songs to the theme of the event, be it personal or corporate. Knowing several of the band members makes the night even more enjoyable… a group of techy engineers turned artists!! They take their music very seriously, with a growing playlist and some really sweet harmonies. Everyone loves a ‘tight’ act with familiar music that they grew up with.
These Pigs can fly! – Mark Schmidt

We love to hear back from you! If you've been to one of our shows please drop us a line.

We love to hear back from you! If you’ve been to one of our shows please drop us a line.

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