Dewey Kuchle – Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin

When Pigs Fly - Spartan Summit 2012Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Dewey grew up in a farming and ranching community amongst a very musical family . Uncles, aunts, and Dewey’s mom were early musical influences and family get togethers usually included acoustic guitars, pianos, accordions and lots of classic country tunes. Dewey took up the guitar in his late teens thinking it would be an sure fire way to pick up girls. Little did he know that plan would totally backfire and instead he spent years on the road in the back of a stinky old school bus travelling from gig to gig with a band. Who knew?

Some of his musical influences include Hendrix, Dylan, The Clash, SRV, Robert Cray and Steve Earle but he’ll listen to damn near anything. The mix of music on his iPod at any given time can only be described as “eclectic”.

After nearly 20 years away from playing in a gigging band, Dewey is happier than a Pig in … well you know, to be playing with the Pigs.  He’s living out his second childhood honing his skills, learning new material and above all performing for crowds that want to party.

Favorite Bands – Steve Earle, The Clash, Corb Lund, Mumford and Sons
Favorite Food – Bacon with a side of Bacon
Other instruments you play – Mandolin, Keys, Harmonica
Most famous moment (band or otherwise) – Using “Hello Kitty” to explain Advanced Process Control to engineers
Age when I started playing – 17
Favorite song we perform – “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show or any song where I get to jump off the drum riser cause that’s just fun
Favorite room you’ve played – A tent we played in for an outdoor party at a friends house. I saw 3 generations of “kids” rockin’ the dance floor at the same time.  Awesome.
Favorite Music Movie – Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind, and The Last Waltz
Best tip for musicians just starting out – Play with people that are better than you. If they can tolerate it you’ll stand to learn a lot in a short time.







Chris Martin - PercussionDave Dallas - Keys, VocalsDewey Kuchle - Guitar, Mandolin, VocalsAndre Dicaire - Guitar, Ukelele, Banjo, Cowbell, VocalsDarren Eberle - GuitarKim Michon - Bass, Vocals

Chris MartinDave DallasDewey KuchleAndre DicaireKim Michon