New When Pigs Fly Video – You Keep Watching Me by Omar & the Howlers

Here’s our take on You Keep Watching Me, a little southern blues number by Omar And The Howlers to help you make it through another wintery week.

omar and the howlersIt’s from their 1995 album entitled “Southern Style” and it’s been a favorite of ours for a long time. Did you know they’ve been making records since way back in 1980?  Seems a lot of people don’t.  Did you also know that they’re yet another product of Austin, Texas?  I guess since a couple of the Pigs used to live in that town it doesn’t hurt to incorporate a little ATX feel in our set list now does it?

We also like this tune because it gives us a chance to showcase the blues influenced vocal stylings of our bass player, Mr. Kim Michon. Hope you like it.  Please let us know what you think.


~WPF Dewey

New Vid Today – From New Year’s Eve 2012




This is what a New Year’s Eve party should look like.  Toward the end of the evening it’s always fun to throw this song into the mix.  “Long Way To The Top” is one of our favourite AC/DC tunes and it seems to be a hit with the crowd every time.  It’s also fun to get to play it with a real live piper. Thats Ken Oliphant on the bagpipes rocking the kilt.  Thanks for joining us that night Ken.  Not the best audio quality on this one as we didn’t have a full recording rig set up but you get the picture.  Enjoy.


~WPF Dewey