New Video Today – 867-5309 Jenny


tommy tutone

Sometimes when we start playing a song the crowd can figure out exactly what it is within mere milliseconds.  “867-5309 Jenny” is definitely one of those songs.  I love to see people clue in after about 3 notes, grab their friends, and run for the dance floor.  A completely iconic guitar riff/intro that is emblazoned in everyone’s mind, provided they were anywhere near a radio during the 80’s.

The song came out in 1981 and was so popular that the band received threats of legal action when hundreds of phone calls a day were received by those “lucky” enough to have that phone number. (yes, there’s probably one in every area code!)

A common misconception is that Tommy Tutone is the name of the lead singer; it is actually the name of the band.Tommy Heath is the lead singer. The name of the band developed from its original name, Tommy and the Tu-tones, to merely Tommy Tutone.

We love this tune and will probably always play it. No one it seems is ready to let this one go by the wayside any time soon.

Hope you enjoy the video.


~WPF Dewey

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