When Pigs Fly Donates $7000 to Children’s Wish

When Pigs Fly

The Pigs Family had a special day a few weeks ago when we presented a donation to the Alberta Chapter of Children’s Wish, one of the charities we support. The Children’s Wish Foundation is a uniquely Canadian charity that helps Canadian children, families and communities by granting the favourite wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. They’ve been granting wishes since 1984. As of this writing they’ve granted 22,330 wishes to children living with a life-threatening illness. Children’s Wish is comprised of some wonderful people who manage every day to bring a little joy and respite to these children and their families.

WPF Family Children's Wish

My family got personally involved with Children’s Wish 8 years ago when my son was diagnosed with cancer. The nurses in the oncology ward helped to initiate contact and the folks at Children’s Wish took it from there. My son, a budding musician, wanted music equipment so his buddies could come over and jam with him. The people at Children’s Wish were amazing, working with me on the details of the wish and endlessly supportive, and Dave and I spent many evenings while he was in the hospital pouring over online music gear catalogs trying to put his ‘jam gear’ together. It provided a welcome distraction from the reality of his situation but more importantly it gave him hope that there would be something beyond this horrible illness that had taken over his life. That’s what Children’s Wish does every day for over 20,000 kids and counting. We came ‘full circle’ with Dave’s wish a couple of years ago when he played for the Children’s Wish annual fundraising gala, using the guitar and amp he had received as part of his wish.

On behalf of the Pigs Family I’d like to say thank-you to Cathy McDonald, Kyla, Laura, Sarah, Kim, Cindy, Elisha and all the folks at Children’s Wish, both for your hospitality during our visit and more importantly for all your work bringing a little light to children and families who need it. I can’t wait to see the pic of all of you in your Pigs shirts!

Take care,

Dave-When Pigs Fly

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  1. To: When Pigs Fly
    Hello !! I just saw this post on Facebook. Congratulations Dave, Chris, Darren and Dewey (and to the band members I don’t know). I am soooo proud of you. That was an awesome thing to do. We have a daughter-in-law that was granted a Children’s Wish in Manitoba in the 1980’s. It is a wonderful gift to give and it looks like you did it in style. Keep it up! Maybe for our 50th wedding anniversary in 3 years we will have to plan a “When Pigs Fly” party 🙂
    Again, congrats! Esther


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